We are defined by our principles.

We are Patagonik, an Argentinian company with an experience of more than 50 years in the purchase and selling of honey.
We have started as beekeepers, the main reason why we speak their own language and we commit ourselves to strengthen our bonds.
In Patagonik we believe and appraise personalized attention, confidence and honesty.
We know what we talk about and we want to promote the development of the national beekeeping industry. And in order to achieve it, we keep close to beekeepers around the country, making their efforts be recognized and respected. This is our way of supporting the activity and those in charge of it.
We believe in honest communication, in the idea that we get the best out of the desired results when they are the fruits of the own labor; and that it is possible to keep

growing with the same values we carry from the very beginning.
Today we reach the main world markets, where the purity of our exported product is recognized and highly regarded.
And this is because we pay special attention to every step in the marketing chain to get the mentioned purity, from its origination to its packing and selling in Argentina.
In a few words, we combine experience with future vision, in order to provide a higher service.
This is Patagonik, the company that brings the best honey closer to the whole world.

Who we re?

Our Company is composed of a highly experienced team with a great commitment in achieving excellence in the whole working process.

Mauricio Bigñe Director
Osvaldo Tancredi Controller
Ignacio Biarlo Administrative Manager
Mariana Zalazar Foreign Trade
Diana Colombo / Germán Cañete Quality and Lab
Magalí Sardon Logistics Manager
Gustavo Gesualdo Buy Honey and Wax
Verónica Gesualdo / Beatriz Bigñe Marketing

Our History

Back in the mid 1960’s it was set up as a small family beekeeping business, the germ of what our company is today. Through the years and the acquired experience, to the production we incorporated the stockpiling and then the processing of honey for its exportation.

In the year 2002, as a development of this family business experience, Patagonik was launched with the aim of taking our product to the world.
Since then, we have been continuously growing up to consolidate our company in the main world markets, and positioning it amongst the main honey exporters in Argentina.

Proven Quality

Through the head house lab, located in the city of Bolivar in Buenos Aires province, we monitor each drum of honey to guarantee the homogeneity and quality of the product.

Some of the parameters we measure are:
Contaminant detection.
Color (according to Pfund scale).
Presence of antibiotic or any forbidden waste.

Mauricio Bigñe

Osvaldo Tancredi
Ignacio Biarlo
  Administrative manager

Mariana Zalazar
  Foreign Trade
Diana Colombo / Germán Cañete
  Quality and Lab

Gustavo Gesualdo
  Buy Honey and Wax
Magalí Sardon
  Logistics Manager

Verónica Gesualdo / Beatriz Bigñe